Tip 1:

If your resolution screen is 1280×800 you can download 1920×1200 images, which is 50% bigger giving you a better definition.

Tip 2:

Have you checked  the several categories on the site? On the navigation bar put the cursor on Wallpapers>>.

A drop-down menu will be displayed. Choose your favorite one. Note that except for Books>>, Nature and Landscapes>> and Themes>>, you should not click on them. Instead, you should put the cursor on them again, a new submenu will be displayed. Then, you can choose your favorite one.

For example:  put the cursor on Wallpapers>>. Put it again on Themes>> , click on Praise, so, you can download all Praise wallpapers.

Tip 3:

Have you enjoyed the site? Do you want to share the images on the web, blogs, communities and related sites? Please, you can help us by sharing the original links, so, people may visit us and download wallpapers too.


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